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Gerber - Graduates Puff Strawberry 42g - BEST BUY Gerber - Graduates Puff Strawberry 42g - BEST BUY  
Gerber - Graduates Puff Strawberry 42g - BEST BUY
Brand Gerber
Item Code: 5203
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Product Detail


PUFFS are a snack you can feel good giving your toddler, because they are made with whole grains and are a good source of iron and zinc. It’s a quick snack that isn’t just convenient it’s nutritious. And that’s something you can both smile about – wherever your adventurous toddler may take you.

Foods designed specifically for babies have stricter guidelines when it comes to nutrition. Unlike "all family" cereal products, salt is not allowed to be added to infant cereal-based products such as Puffs. So when considering introducing your baby to "all family" cereals, check that they do not contain added salt. Also ensure that they are designed to start dissolving right away, rather than being designed to keep their shape in milk.


Is your baby ready? Your baby may be ready for PUFFS when she:

  • Eats thicker, more textured foods with larger pieces
  • Crawls on hands and knees (tummy up and off the floor)
  • Uses jaw to mash food with gums
  • Holds small foods between thumb and first finger


This product should only be served to a seated and supervised child. Appropriate for infants 8 months or older.

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