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Babylove - Cot Most Net 3502S  28" x 52" + Stand 
Babylove - Cot Most Net 3502S 28" x 52" + Stand
Brand Baby Love
Item Code: 6525
Item Stock: Available
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  • Shield guard protection against mosquitoes, flies and other insects biting, and thus against diseases such as dengue fever, malaria and
  • various forms of encephalitis. It stops insects from disturbing your child in sleep.
  • Fine, see-through, mesh construction ensure optimal air-ventilation
  • Protect baby’s eyes from dazzling light.
  • Foot length mosquito net offers spacious interior.
  • Easy to assemble and practical to use.
  • Designed to fit all cot sizes ( 28” x 52 ” / 24” x 48 ”)
  • Box Size 16.5cm x 10cm x 3cm


Vailable : Silver Chrome

Material : Steel

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