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Avent - Natural Newborn Starter Set 
Avent - Natural Newborn Starter Set
Brand Autumnz
Item Code: 1431
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Product Detail

Natural latch on due to the wide breast shaped nipple
The wide breast shaped nipple of Philips Avent Newborn Starter Set promotes natural latch on similar to the breast, making it easy for your baby to combine breast and bottle feeding.


Unique comfort petals for an extra soft and flexible nipple
Petals inside the nipple increase softness and flexibility without nipple collapse. Your baby will enjoy a more comfortable and contented feed.



Advanced anti colic system with innovative twin valve
Innovative twin valve design reduces colic and discomfort by venting air into the bottle and not baby’s tummy.


                        avent-natural-newborn-starter-set-aventstore.com.my-5.jpg avent-natural-newborn-starter-set-aventstore.com.my-9.jpg

Ergonomic shape for maximum comfort
Due to the unique shape, the bottle is easy to hold and grip in any direction for maximum comfort, even for baby's tiny hands.



Philips Avent Natural Newborn Starter Kit bottle are BPA free*
The new Philips AVENT Natural bottle is made of BPA free* material (polypropylene).


Compatible with the majority of the Philips AVENT range
The new Philips AVENT Natural bottle is compatible with the majority of the Philips AVENT range, excluding our Classic bottles. We advise to use the Philips AVENT Natural bottles only with Philips AVENT Natural feeding nipples.

Simple to use and clean, quick and easy assembly
Wide bottle neck makes filling and cleaning easy. Only a few parts for quick and simple assembly.


Country of origin: England

    Bottle: Polypropylene, BPA free*
    Nipple: Silicone, BPA free*

What is included with the Avent Newborn Starter Set"

Natural Feeding Bottle: 
     Bottle &teat brush-1 pc
     Newborn orthodontic Soother- 1pc

Bottle Material: BPA free*
Bottle design: Ergonomic shape, Wide neck, Ease of use
Bottle use: Easy to hold, Easy to assemble, Easy to clean

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