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SHINJU Versatile Massager SHINJU Versatile Massager  SHINJU Versatile Massager  SHINJU Versatile Massager  SHINJU Versatile Massager  SHINJU Versatile Massager  
SHINJU Versatile Massager
Item Code: BMW 700PH
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Product Detail

Foot reflexology is a method of stimulating the reflexes of the feet to cause reactions in corresponding parts of the body.



SHINJU incorporates two jade kneading massage heads, provides 50 different bio-magnetic wave programmes with up to 99 modes of intensity ( Sole and Body ). Its “ Somatic “ Design helps to improve blood circulation, strengthens the immune sysrem and helps the detoxfication proess.

 Product Highlights:

- Jade Kneading Massage Heads

The Jade Kneading massage head helps to relieve stiff muscles and remove pain.

- Bio Magnetic Wave Inductor Mat

The Bio Magnetic Wave transmit through the inductor mat to each body parts effectively.

- Infrared Function

Infrared penetrates deeply into the body which promotes blood circulation and eliminates toxin waste.

- Therapy Pad

The Therapy Pad is used to extend the treatment area or specific points.

- Remote Control

Full function remote control for easy operation.

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